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Document translation

One of the core services offered by ATSA Translation Services is document translation services. We have translated all types of documentation (electronic and paper), including, but not limited to: contracts, correspondence, medical records, marketing brochures, government documents, judicial rulings, technical manuals, educational materials, legal filings, website text, e-mails, software-related documentation, books, advertisements, public notices, non-profit related text, financial information, licenses, divorce decrees, birth certificates, transcripts, diplomas, safety notices, pharmaceutical materials, blogs, news feeds, magazines, etc.

High-Volume Document Translations

One of the challenges of any large translation project is project planning. This includes taking into account tight deadlines, launch dates and budgets. At ATSA Translation Services we have over 15 years of experience processing high volumes of document translations. For larger projects, you can expect professional project plans that allow for rolling deliveries of important content if required.

For litigation documents we can translate them upon delivery on tight deadlines.

Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing (DTP) services can be a critical element in a translation project. Many translations involve typesetting, graphics, website layouts, etc. Our desktop publishing teams specialize in high-quality, translation-related design services, graphic design, documentation and graphic localization projects with fast turnaround.
DTP at ATSA Translation Services

ATSA Translation Services has dedicated in-house teams comprised of the top desktop publishers and designers in the translation industry. Most document translations require some type of desktop publishing to ensure that the final productís appearance is as similar to the original document as possible. For documents with heavy graphics and a complex design layout, desk top publishing plays a vital role in ensuring that the translated text fits the original layout and graphic design. Otherwise, the final product, while translated correctly, could look unprofessional. At ATSA Translation Services, we do not outsource our desktop publishing projects. Instead, we rely on our in-house design experts to ensure that you receive not only the highest quality translation, but also that the final layout is consistent with the source document.

Translation Format and Design

With a strong grasp of the nuances of different technologies, ATSA Translation Services knows the importance of maintaining the electronic format and design of the original document. Whatever the format is, we will deliver the final translation in the same format as the original document. This minimizes any administrative hassles and allows you to use the translation immediately.

Translation, Editing and Proofreading

ATSA Translation Servicesís per word pricing for a fully translated text includes translation, editing and proofing (TEP) by separate qualified linguists.
All of our projects go through a complete TEP (translation, editing, proofreading) process. We also offer proofreading and editing services for translations completed by another source.

Certified Translation for Documents

Certain documentation requires a notarized certificate of accuracy to be accepted in a legal proceeding. In the legal context, this requirement is commonly found in immigration cases, international commercial litigation, divorce decrees, and government bids. Also, certain educational institutions require certified translations of transcripts as a requirement for admission.

In conjunction with its translation services, ATSA offers several legal and administrative related services to provide you with a one-stop solution.

With licensed attorneys we can provide notarized certification of documents as a complement to our translation services.



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