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Translation Rates

Included in Our Translation Price

ATSA Translation Services is constantly striving to provide you with the highest quality translations at the most competitive pricing in the industry. We have streamlined our operations to eliminate the fees added by many other translation companies, including project management and overhead fees. Providing you with simple and competitive pricing paired with the highest quality in the marketplace is a key element to our mission.

Our pricing for translation projects is determined by several factors:

  • Number of source words

  • Complexity of the subject matter

  • Language combination

  • Amount of time required to complete the assignment

Included in Our Translation Price

All of our translation rates include:

  • Use of one or several educated and experienced translators

  • Use of a second translator in each language to edit and proofread each file

  • Use of an industry specialist as content manager or proofreader

  • General formatting in commonly used software programs (Word, WordPerfect, Excel, and etc)

Translation Cost

The rates charged for translations are agreed on at the beginning of a specified project. Depending on the client’s needs, the same rates can apply across many different projects. Should the scope of a project change, we will work with you to agree on new pricing rates that are more appropriate for the new project or scope. When you send us a copy of order we will provide you with a detailed pricing quote broken down by document and language pair.

Translation Price per Source Word

The primary factor in determining pricing is the number of source words in the document. A source language refers to the document's original language and the target language refers to the language into which the document will be translated. As a general rule and common industry standard, when translating to a language (Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and etc.) from English, the target word count will normally be about 20% higher than the source word count. Since we charge for the source words in these languages, you will have an accurate cost estimate at the beginning of each project, as opposed to if you were charged by target words.

Translation Rate per Complexity of the Source

Translation pricing (price per word) also depends on the level of complexity of each document. For example, a general business letter (with non-technical terms) will be priced lower than a technical patent, medical text, complex legal contract, pharmaceuticals related document or software manual. A general letter will be priced at the lowest price per word while complex legal documents and highly technical text will be at a higher price.

Translation Rush Rates

A translation project that needs to be delivered in a shorter time frame may carry up to a 50% charge above our regular rates. Despite this potential surcharge, ATSA Translation Services will always help you out to accommodate your rush projects. The schedule is one of the first elements discussed prior to quoting your project. ATSA Translation Services will work with your team to structure a delivery schedule that will maximize quality and minimize rush costs. If need be, we will deliver projects on a rolling basis with the most important documents being delivered first.

Editing and Proofreading Prices

Editing and proofreading are related services and can be priced separately in specific cases. In particular, if you had a translation performed by another company or person, we can provide you with an editing and proofreading rate that is lower than the one for full translation. Normally, the cost to edit and proofread is 50% less than fully translating the text.

Desktop Publishing Fees

The rates for desktop publishing service projects are handled differently and are based on the number of target pages and file format. Again, this is an industry standard and the most efficient way to ensure a clear and predictable bid.

Website Localization Price

The rates for website localization projects requiring coding can be determined by target pages. Sometimes it is better to charge the development work on an hourly basis.


ATSA Translation Services normally requires partial payment upfront and the remaining upon delivery of the final product. For clients with proven good credit or that have a good payment history, we can bill in arrears on a monthly basis.

Estimated Output and Turnaround Times

As already mentioned, delivery time requirements become another key component for pricing. The normal suggested turnaround times with due notice for lining up resources and based on total word count are listed below. These fast turnaround times may also be affected by the time zone gap related to the location of our resources for certain specific language pairs:

Between 0 and 10,000 words:

1 day

Between 10,000 and 100,000 words:

5 days

Between 100,000 and 200,000 words:

7 days

Between 200,000 and 500,000 words:

10 days

Between 500,000 and 1,000,000 words:

15 days

Between 1,000,000 and 2,000,000 words:

30 days

Between 2,000,000 and 5,000,000 words:

45-60 days

Above 5,000,000:

to be discussed with client

Project Translation Quality

Our rigorous and exhaustive editorial and technical review process ensures the absolute accuracy, consistency and suitability of the translated materials. It follows all international standards, including ISO 9001:2008. ATSA Translation Services will certify each translation as ISO compliant, in accordance with the international standard rules and regulations, as required. Upon request, we will provide your organization with a Certificate of Attestation which certifies, under a notary seal, the accuracy of our translations.
100% Translation Quality Guarantee

Further, we provide a 100% accuracy guarantee for all of our translations. We stand by all of the translations performed by our translators. If you are not completely satisfied with a completed translation, we will fix it, free of charge, until it meets your full satisfaction. If there are any issues or questions with one of our translations, we will work with you until you are completely satisfied with the quality and accuracy of your translations.

Because our translations go through a triple verification process, ATSA Translation Services is able to certify the accuracy of our work.



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