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ATSA Translation Services Translation Specializations

Each industry utilizes specific terminology and nomenclature critical to conducting its everyday activities. Whether it is legal, financial or technical-related content, using the correct industry-specific terminology is vital to conveying the correct meaning in any translation.

Each of our ATSA Translation Services translators specializes in a chosen language translation services field. This means that translations of any type and style are available at ATSA Translation.

Translation Industry Expertise

Through years of experience in providing translations, ATSA Translation Services has developed several areas of industry expertise, including: advertising, aerospace, automotive, business, chemical, contracts, defense, e-learning, education, energy, entertainment, financial, globalization, government-related, immigration, legal, litigation, localization, manufacturing, marketing, media, medical, patents, religion, retail, software, technical, telecommunications, user manuals, websites and much more.

While we specialize in English-Spanish-Russian translations performed by select teams of expert translators with the requisite industry expertise, we also translate documents to and from other languages.

Legal Translation

ATSA Translation has a proven track record in providing translation solutions to the legal industry. With licensed attorneys, ATSA Translation  has particular insight and expertise providing legal translations to law firms and corporations. All of our legal translators are bound by commercial confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreements. ATSA Translation  takes confidentiality and security issues very seriously. All legal translations remain confidential. Our legal translators are sensitive to the nature of this industry and fully respect attorney-client privilege and attorney work-product privileges.

Legal terminology

Our extensive terminology includes such key subject areas as:

  • International law (Common and Civil law jurisdictions)

  • Contract law

  • Maritime law

  • Tax law

  • Property law

  • Insurance law

  • Criminal law

  • Corporate law

  • Commercial Law

Legal Document Translation

We have extensive experience translating many types of legal documents, including:

  • Contracts

  • Court and witness transcripts

  • Depositions

  • Legal disclaimers

  • Confidentiality agreements

  • Legal certifications and statements

  • Affidavits

  • Regulations and laws

  • Government and legal ruling reports

  • Patent and trademark filings

  • Letters of credit

  • Technical documents to support litigation efforts

  • Registration documents translation

  • Expert reports translation

  • Litigation

  • Arbitration translation

Financial Translation

ATSA Translation Services provides specialized financial translation solutions for consulting companies, financial institutions and companies. Critical documents such as financial reports and financial prospectuses require the utmost attention and expertise to ensure accuracy.

Financial Document Translation

We have extensive experience translating many types of financial documents, including:

  • Annual reports

  • Income statements

  • Balance Sheets

  • Cash Flow Statements

  • Auditor's reports

  • Government tax reports

  • Financial reporting guidelines

  • Business Plans

  • Prospectuses

  • Private and Public Offerings

  • Insurance related documents

Business Translation

In both a challenging economic environment and a period of market expansion, you need an experienced translations provider to help you accomplish your business translation needs.
ATSA Translation Services works with large, medium and small companies on a daily basis for all their business translations requirements. To compete effectively, you and your organization will need high-quality translation services to support your business activities.

International Business Translations

One of the challenges of doing business in another country is trying to understand the nuances of the local regulatory bodies and government agencies.
ATSA Translation Services has worked with the multinational companies and helped them penetrate countries and markets of Central America.

Manufacturing Translation

ATSA Translation Services is the leading provider of manufacturing translation services.

Here at
ATSA Translation Services, we understand how increased globalization, rapid technological advances and short product lifecycles have created the need for manufacturers to rapidly and cost-efficiently obtain and update high-quality localized materials. The only way the sophisticated products of the leading manufacturers can compete in the global marketplace is with the support of fast, accurate and reliable translations that are in strict compliance with industry standards.

Whether you have an installation manual, technical specifications or operating guides to be translated, we are your solution for highly accurate and reliable manufacturing translations.

Technical Translation

ATSA Translation Services is the leading provider of technical translation services.

We specialize in high quality technical translations performed by translators with the requisite industry expertise.

Whether you have a technical manual, engineering specifications or a patent application to be translated into Spanish, English or Russian languages, we are your solution for accurate and reliable technical translations.

The following are examples of the types of technical documents we frequently translate:

  • Engineering Specifications

  • Instruction and Operating Manuals

  • Patents and Patent Applications

  • Data Sheets

  • Other Technical Documentation

  • Electronic Manuals and Guides

ATSA Translation Services is accustomed to working with many file types and providing our clients with "ready-to-publish" files.



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