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About us

Established in 2002 with head office in the Republic of Panama, ATSA Translation Services boasts its fluent linguists. We supply experts in commercial, technical and legal fields. We are delivering the highest standards of translating and interpreting in three basic languages (English, Spanish and Russian) and many formats.

ATSA Translation Services have built a strong reputation for accuracy, on time delivery and high standards of presentation amongst existing clients who know they can totally depend upon our services.

These include many of large corporations, global and national government organisations, financial services, educational establishments and international lawyers.

Excellent results are assured by a dedicated policy of only using experts in the language and subject area of each project commissioned.

ATSA Translation Servicesí impressive client portfolio and variety of tasks undertaken give clear indication of quality and cost effectiveness.

All documents can be certified, legalised and/or notarised upon client request.

ATSA Code of Integrity


When we carry on a translation assignment for a client we feel that we are part of our client organisation.


We always sign if the clients require a non-disclosure agreement. We do the same with our translators as all our work is strictly confidential. All documents and information will be classified depending upon sensitivity.


When we give a quote and a delivery time we commit ourselves to complete the project at the time we said and this include revision and proofreading. We will not deliver the translation unless fully satisfied with the quality of the text. 


The client can reach us Monday to Friday in our offices. In case he wants to receive a rush translation than he can reach us any time by phone, Skype or by email.


We provide translations to the highest standards and quality, therefore we have repetitive clients for years that are satisfied with our services of translations.



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